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Hi there! Welcome to the photography blog, a journal about my life and the lives I capture. Stay a while, kick up your feet, and say hello!


January 2, 2024

*Starts playing Angel by Sarah McLachlan* Tired of the same mundane New Years posts? Mindless scrolling through a sea of perfectly posed families. Even the family dog is smiling. I know what you’re thinking, you need some excitement, some chaos if you will. You crave a little havoc. Well, look no further. Because you have […]

January 1, 2023

Welcome to the Annual Year End Roast of Lyndsey & Jana It’s been a good year. A great year, actually. Like always, I’ve gotten to meet some of the best people and hang out with the most fun couples and bridal parties! But like every good bowl of queso, it must come to an end. […]

January 1, 2022

Welcome back. It’s been quite the year. I gave birth. 2020 I broke my leg. 2021 I gave birth. At this point it just seems like I’m abusing my body for fun. But on a real note, this year has been so fun! We have gotten to meet and reconnect with so many wonderful people. […]

January 1, 2021

Can we all agree 2020 blows. Like it really kinda sucked. Some of the most unfortunate things happened to so many brides this year. Things that none of us could have prepared for. But, we made it. We got through it. We sacrificed guests attendance numbers. We took temperatures. We wore masks. We sanitized our […]

January 1, 2020

I cannot believe this day has finally come. I have been looking forward to sharing these images for quite some time now! It seems like they just get better and better each year. If you’re new to this whole “roast of Lyndsey” blog, I’ll catch you up to date. Basically last year I made a […]



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