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Behind the Scenes 2021: Wedding Edition


Welcome back. It’s been quite the year. I gave birth. 2020 I broke my leg. 2021 I gave birth. At this point it just seems like I’m abusing my body for fun. But on a real note, this year has been so fun! We have gotten to meet and reconnect with so many wonderful people. I am reminded each wedding that this is the profession I was created and called to do.

Now, on a realer note, if you’re new to this whole ‘behind the scenes’ thing, let me explain.

Several years ago I had decided I wanted to make a year end blog post of all the behind the scenes images of me and Jan Jan throughout the wedding season. I knew of other photographers that did this and they always turned out so cute! I told mom to start grabbing shots of me working so I could add them to a blog. I quickly realized that I’m not the easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl like I thought I was. What I got was more comparable to a ’90s Toyota. Sturdy. Dependable. A few dents on the side. Makes weird noises. See, I thought I wanted to paint this pretty picture of what weddings would look like with me as your photographer. What I realized is that I actually wanted an accurate representation of exactly what you’re getting when you hire me. I’m a little weird. I talk really fast when I get excited. I make awful thinking faces. I use hand gestures wayyyy too much. I’m real. So before you start scrolling, don’t expect to find some perfectly posed picture of me or Jana. We don’t know how to look poised.

For those of you who are familiar with this annual post, thanks for coming back. I’m glad we didn’t scare you off. Because some of these faces could protect your crops.

Also, big shoutout to Grammy Jan! She has been doing these every weekend with me for the past 13 years. Whew.. That’s 13 years of veil flips, backwards running, us arguing over where to hang the dress, early morning drive-thru breakfasts, more arguing, and about a thousand different stories. You the real MVP.

Current mood as we wrap up 2021.
Cheers to another great season!

Now we rest.

January 1, 2022

  1. Dot Portell says:

    Omg!!! First Let me say Happy New Year 💖 second. Gary and I are sitting here at 5:00am laughing so hard. You two are a Dream Team for sure. Thanks for sharing. Love you ❤️

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