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Behind the Scenes 2020 | Dumpster Fire Edition


Can we all agree 2020 blows. Like it really kinda sucked.

Some of the most unfortunate things happened to so many brides this year. Things that none of us could have prepared for. But, we made it. We got through it. We sacrificed guests attendance numbers. We took temperatures. We wore masks. We sanitized our hands so many times our epidermis burned off. But we did it. It’s over.

If you’re new to this whole Behind the Scenes concept or new to the Lyndsey Paige family let me enlighten you. Because you’re about to see a whole other side of Lyndsey Paige Photography. Not necessarily a bad one…just a real one. You see several years ago I was noticing that several of my photographer friends were posting year end blogs of themselves at weddings. It was picture after picture of them assisting with brides and pinning on boutonnieres. Candid moments of them laughing into thin air with no one around. It looked so fancy and professional. So I told J-Dawg to start photographing me as I shot weddings. What I found was disturbing. I am none of those graceful things other photographers are. I’m loud. I make ugly thinking faces. I stand in weird positions. I say really random…sometimes inappropriate things. I actually think I have a form of turrets. So I decided to make these blogs real. What you see is what you get.

This year started off great. When I say this year I mean January 1, 2019. Everything after that started downhill. I made it through two weddings out of 21 before I broke my leg. I shot 5 weddings on a knee cart and crutches. I want to formally apologize for the things I said during that time. LOL I had so many people step up and help me through those dark days. And for that I say THANK YOU!

Now before you dive head first into a gallery of hate crimes…and by that I mean the fact I literally left for a wedding wearing a sleeveless black shirt and white bra…multiple times. I want to make known that in 99% of these images we aren’t wearing a mask. This is strictly and only because the couples verbally told us we didn’t need to. Before arriving to each wedding I would ask if they or anyone in the bridal party or family would want us to wear a mask. My main job is making sure everyone is comfortable with every part of the day, picture related or not. There were a few occasions the couple asked we wear one, and we did no questions asked.

So without further ado, I give to you the roast of Lyndsey, the full sized Midgett photographer and her trusty companion, J-Wow.

The resemblance. Just uncanny.

A farewell to 2020. You sucked.

But to all the brides, grooms, mothers, fathers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, vendors, staff members…it was a blast! I loved getting to improvise with you. 2020 was a year of critical thinking and problem solving and I think all these brides and grooms passed with flying colors! Thank you for being a part of not only my business, but my life! Cheers to 2021!

January 1, 2021

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