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LP Education | Your Reception


I feel like receptions are both cared for and neglected all at the same time. Although, there is a growing awareness for the necessities that make a great reception. Since there are so many aspects of a reception I’ve decided to break this down into parts.

When I meet with couples we go over every detail with a fine tooth comb. We break down a timeline and make sure that everyone is on the same page. I try to push that each part of the wedding day is equally as important. No part goes unnoticed. Now, I know firsthand that when you’re planning a wedding the reception tends to get thrown on the back burner. It’s natural. I look at the reception as a celebration not only of a marriage but the fact we made it through the whole day! Wedding days are long guys. So you want it to be the celebration that it is. So here is a breakdown of a few things that I have seen that can either make or break a reception.

Part 1: Booking Your DJ/Band

Now this seems like an obvious thing. Of course you need a DJ or a band. But a lot of the time this major aspect gets minimal attention. Before you book with your DJ or band try to hear them play at en event. Every DJ has their own style. Some are very hands on and like to keep the crowd engaged. Others sit back and let the playlist roll with minimal announcements. Obviously this is something you guys as a couple will want to discuss. Do you want someone to lead the reception and directing to each part of the evening. Or do you want someone more laid back and natural?

Now, with each of these you have pros and cons. Some DJs think they’re in a Las Vegas club dropping beats like Steve Aoki. That gets to be a little aggressive. Or…maybe you want to be in a Las Vegas club. After the year we’ve had we could all use a little clubbing. Find a DJ that fits your vibe. One that thrives on the songs and crowd you’re playing for. Like photographers, there is a DJ for every couple. I’ve worked with country DJs that could throw down some Copperhead Road and I’ve worked with DJs that rocked what seems like all my 90s playlists. It’s all about what fits your wedding style.

One thing I have noticed that can kill a reception the quickest is a DJ that doesn’t take charge. I always say that wedding guests are kinda like kindergartners. They need direction and entertainment. They need to know whats happening next and not just aimlessly wandering the reception venue bopping to Backstreet Boys.

When you do pick out your DJ, sit down and go over the expectations of what you and your fiancĂ© want. Communication is key! The night Logan and I met with our DJ we spoke for an hour and a half on every piece of the ceremony music and reception. We talked about songs we really wanted played and songs that I never wanted to hear again. I’m sorry Pharrell but your song “Happy” makes my ears bleed. I literally gave our DJ a list of every song I wanted played from the ceremony, cocktail hour, and to the reception. (He was a saint for putting up with me.) One of the biggest aspects of a good DJ is their ability to read a room and know the songs to play accordingly. If you haven’t given a list like my crazy butt, then it will be up to the DJ to decide what will get the people going! I have worked with some really amazing DJs that really put on a great time. Because like I said, you just spent a whole day having your picture taken, shuttled around, got married for crying out loud, and on top of haven’t eaten. So the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your DJ is going to take care of the night. That’s your time to relax. Eat some cake. Dance it out!

December 29, 2020

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