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Jared & Danielle | Married!


When I talk to most brides who are planning a fall wedding, they typically mention the beautiful foliage. They express their want for pictures with the changing colors. They talk about the warm days and the cool evenings. But we never really talk about what happens if it were to snow…5 inches…in early November. No one could have convinced me we would be trekking around in the snow just a week prior to their wedding based on the 70 degree temps. But we did it. And it was so worth it. I can’t brag enough on Danielle, Jared, and their amazing bridal party. They toughed it out in some pretty intense weather conditions and looked fabulous all while doing so. Not one time did Danielle say she was too cold or let’s go in. No, she was determined to get the most beautiful snow pictures and she did! So thank you for pushing with me to get some amazing images! I hope you guys are enjoying the married life!

P.S. I don’t typically post a ton of reception pictures but when you have a party as great as the Greenlee’s, you post alllll the pictures! Seriously, the best reception ever!

November 29, 2022

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