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Avenn Lee Kean | Birth Story


I was beginning to think one of two things: Mikayla wasn’t due until Thanksgiving. Or I wasn’t going to be able to make it to photograph. For weeks Mikayla and I had been planning her birth for me to photograph it. Leading up to her due date I would send my schedule to Mikayla to let her know where I’d be each day. And because its October I was somewhere every evening. Every night I went to bed with my phone by my ear and every morning I sent her a “How are we doing?” text. On Monday morning I received some promising news about the progression of her labor. I told her I had an engagement session in St. Louis that day but I should be home around 8:00pm. I got home at 8:30 and received the text from Trevor that the midwife had been called. I threw on a change of clothes and rushed to the Kean house.

Birth photography is completely different than any other kind of session I do. Its not posed, staged, or even pretty at times. It’s raw and unfiltered. My job is to not talk. Not to be seen. But to sit and document what’s around me. My job is to tell a story. And this story is about the night Avenn Lee Kean came into the world. And might I add, she was born into the most loving home and family. Literally surrounded by love. I am the most proud friend being able to watch Mikayla and Trevor create the most beautiful family. God is truly blessing you. I love your girls as if they were my own. And now I have one more little Kean girl to add to the list.

October 21, 2021

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