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Brynnlee Jayne | Birth Story


Brynnlee Jayne is finally here.

I remember as soon as Tanaya found out she was pregnant I started asking if I could be there for the birth. And every time she would say ‘no way’. I promised I would be on my best behavior and try my hardest not to crack jokes. Ha! I’m not sure what changed her mind but she finally caved in and gave me the okay to join. I told her to call me as soon as she started having contractions and I would be there.

Sunday afternoon came and I got the text I was wanting. Her water had broken and she was going to keep me updated on the progress. At 6:45am on Monday I followed them up to Mercy South and from there on out the pictures tell the rest of the beautiful story.

I am so honored and fortunate to have been able to be there for this amazing milestone in their lives. Tanaya is basically like my little sister. So to be there and watch her become a mom was such a rewarding gift. Thank you for agreeing to let me document your sweet baby girl and her journey into the world. I’ll be sure to remind her every year that I was the first one to sing her Happy Birthday. I am so proud of you and Kalob and I look forward to watching you both grow as a family.

March 4, 2020

  1. Rhonda says:

    Amazing and priceless.

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